Hi, I'm Julia!

So nice to have you here!

Since photography has been a part of my life, I see the world in a different way. The beauty and uniquness of every moment inspires me to create unforgettable memories. I love to capture those beautiful feelings, the excitement and joy.

When I’m not busy capturing amazing love stories of beautifully happy couples, you can usually find me somewhere in the sun ;)

I enjoy spending time with my partner in crime, family and close friends. Thinking back to long summer evenings, fun nights and awesome dinners delights my heart. It makes me feel alive.

To see wonderful places around the world and building new friendships along the way completes my passion.

I’m based in Southern Germany, but I’m happy to travel to any destination for your special occasion. 

South Africa is my second home and I regularly travel there, so let me know if your event happens there.

the importance of photographs

Photographs always plaid a huge role in the way I preserve memories. I love looking through my galleries and remenisce all the wonderful moments. 

Since our very own wedding, their significance has deepened further.

These photographs, alongside the rings, will forever remain as the most treasured and valuable reminders of our wedding day.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment

until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss


My journey as a wedding photographer began over 15 years ago when I made the decision to purchase my very first DSLR camera. Little did I know at the time that this simple purchase would shape the course of my life and career. As I experimented with my camera, capturing various subjects and scenes, I discovered a passion for photography that would guide me on an incredible path.

However, it wasn't until I attended a wedding photography workshop that everything changed.

The workshop was a revelation for me. I witnessed the power of capturing love and emotions through the lens, and I instantly knew that I wanted to specialize in wedding photography. The idea of being a part of such a significant day in people's lives, capturing their joy and preserving their memories, resonated deeply within me.

To gain more experience and refine my skills, I embarked on an internship in South Africa, assisting an established wedding photographer. This experience solidified my passion and determination to pursue wedding photography as a full-time career. I witnessed firsthand the beauty of capturing genuine moments of love and happiness, and I knew that I had found my calling.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to photograph more than 200 weddings, each one a unique and beautiful tapestry of love and celebration. What began as a local endeavor has blossomed into an opportunity to explore breathtaking destinations around the world.

From the picturesque landscapes of South Africa to the enchanting beauty of Bali, the vibrant energy of Marrakech, the sun-kissed shores of Crete, the majestic mountains of Switzerland and Austria, and the romance of Spain and France — I have been privileged to witness and document love stories in these awe-inspiring locations.

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is that every wedding tells a different story. The atmosphere, the emotions, and the intricate details weave together to create an unforgettable narrative. From intimate elopements to grand affairs, I am constantly inspired by the love, joy, and connection that unfolds in front of my lens.

As I look back on my journey as a wedding photographer, I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the connections I have made with countless couples. The trust they place in me to document their most precious memories is something I hold dear. Each wedding is a reminder of the power of love, the beauty of human connections, and the significance of capturing moments that transcend time.

Being a wedding photographer is not just a profession—it is a privilege. It is an invitation to be a part of one of life's most beautiful chapters. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to document these extraordinary love stories and I am excited to see where it will lead me next.